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Parents looking for a pediatric dentist may be surprised to find that no sedation pediatric dentistry is an effective method of treatment for certain situations. While other locations may recommend sedation dentistry with most forms of pediatric dental treatment, it is not always necessary. Unless it is absolutely essential, it is possible to care for a child's oral health without sedation.

Our team at Dennis R. Campbell, DDS in Asheville can help by providing no sedation pediatric dentistry. We focus on the child patient's comfort, along with helping to educate them on proper oral hygiene. We can use this opportunity also to help children become comfortable with regular dental checkups.

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    The Importance of No Sedation Pediatric Dentistry

    The following are some of the reasons a pediatric dentist will promote traditional methods over sedation dentistry:

    Reduces risks

    Regardless of the patient's age, there are risks involved in the use of sedation for patients. The sedation medication used can stay in the bloodstream for up to 24 hours after the procedure – long after the patient leaves the dentist's office. If the procedure can be done with a general anesthetic comfortably and with minimal risks, the dentist will recommend it.

    Promotes dental care

    When children realize the essence of adopting good brushing and flossing routines, they will likely take their oral health more seriously to avoid the need for extensive procedures that may necessitate the use of anesthetic or sedation. The dentist will teach the patients about proper dental care.

    Reduces unnecessary treatment

    Most kids can handle a bit of the general anesthetic and do not need sedation for regular procedures.

    Reviewing the Child’s Needs

    There are a few reasons a dentist might recommend sedation when a child needs to undergo a dental procedure. First, the sedation can help to prevent any sensation or pain during treatment. While there are other cases where sedation dentistry can help with dental anxiety, it is not always necessary. Dennis R. Campbell, DDS and our team strives to help provide the treatment children need without relying on sedation dentistry.

    In order to accommodate the child and provide the proper treatment, we will review their medical history, current condition, allergies, and any past dental experiences with the parent. With this information, we can customize the treatment plan and help them receive the professional care they need while being comfortable. However, we recommend no sedation dentistry to decrease the potential risks that come with dental sedation.

    Preventing the Unnecessary Use of Sedation

    Routine dental appointments, cleanings, and basic treatments like dental fillings do not need sedation. Depending on the patient, the dentist will discuss treatment options with the parents if the child needs to undergo a root canal, has severely damaged teeth, or suffers a dental trauma. With our approach, we can help children build a healthy understanding of dental visits without relying on sedation.

    Along with the risks that accompany dental sedation, the cost can also be a factor to consider. In cases where sedation is not necessary, it is better in the long run to avoid use. No two patients are the same, which is why everyone is treated differently at the dental office.

    The emotional condition of a child matters just as much as their oral health. Communication is a crucial tool in pediatric dentistry because the young patient must know that the dentist is their friend and will do everything to keep their oral cavity healthy. Dennis R. Campbell, DDS and our team will work collectively to create a safe and comfortable setting that will set the kids on the path to long-lasting oral health.

    A Unique Approach to Oral Healthcare

    No sedation pediatric dentistry is usually recommended because sedation can sometimes cause unwanted side-effects like nausea, vomiting, imbalance, and prolonged drowsiness. The effects usually disappear on their own. If a child receives sedation or general anesthetic, they need to be under close monitoring to stop them from falling, choking on vomit, or experiencing any airway obstruction.

    With our approach to no sedation pediatric dentistry, we can help prevent these risks. We also strive to help children build a trustworthy relationship with our team, so they feel comfortable during dental checkups. The objective is to help children understand the importance of good dental health and help them learn and adopt better oral hygiene habits at home. By taking the extra effort to build a relationship based on trust with the patient and their parents, the chances of successful long-term results are remarkably higher.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who decides if a child should get dental sedation?

    It is ultimately up to the parent to choose the treatment plan recommended by the dentist. The dentist will review the child's health history and X-rays and provide professional advice regarding dental sedation. We will go over if the sedation is necessary or not, weight the pros and cons, and then provide any other guidance the parent needs to make an educated decision.

    What are the benefits of opting out of dental sedation?

    Parents can teach their kids skills they need to maintain good long-term dental health by opting out of dental sedation in their early years. Children learn fast that they need to eat healthily and improve their oral hygiene habits to avoid getting cavities. Avoiding sedation can significantly reduce the cost of the kid's oral care and eliminate the risks of side effects.

    When is dental sedation for children acceptable?

    Every child is unique, and what would be suitable for one patient may not be appropriate for another. The dentist will consider this and make the best call. Typically, dental sedation is recommended when the procedure is intensive and time-consuming, and there may be reservations about the child's anxiety.

    What causes dental anxiety in kids?

    To ease a child's anxiety, it helps to know the cause. Dental anxiety may be the result of fear of pain, fear of gagging or choking, fear of losing control, and fear of losing control. We can help offer advice to parents on how to help the child deal with this anxiety.

    How can I ease my child's dental anxiety?

    Parents can ease a child's fear by choosing the right dentist, setting a good example, and working with the dentist to help build a healthy mindset of professional oral health care. This is where our team is here to help by establishing a customized treatment plan and a calm environment for the child to receive said care.

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