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If you have a child that needs to start orthodontic treatment, pediatric Invisalign® is one of the options that can help straighten a child's teeth, correct a crooked bite, and more. Our team will take the time to determine if pediatric Invisalign is the right treatment for their needs. Pediatric Invisalign involves using removable clear aligner trays that gradually shift the teeth into the right alignment without needing brackets or wires.

At Dennis R. Campbell, DDS, our team will help guide both you and your child through the treatment process. We will help the parent learn how to ensure the child remains on track for treatment. Invisalign is an effective alternative to traditional metal or clear braces and can help your child straighten their teeth without anyone noticing.

To learn if pediatric Invisalign is the treatment for your child, call us at 828-417-3828 to schedule an appointment today.

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    What is Pediatric Invisalign?

    Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment that eliminates the combination of metal brackets and wires associated with braces. Instead, it uses a series of transparent, removable plastic trays known as aligners to move the teeth to their correct positions. The aligners are nearly invisible when on the teeth and can be taken off for drinking, eating, brushing, or flossing.

    This means that no one will be able to tell that the patient is undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Also, there are no dietary cautions that come with traditional braces, and maintaining good oral hygiene is a lot easier than ever. From losing the first baby tooth to being a teenager, having straight teeth is essential to one's health.

    We can use pediatric Invisalign to help ensure the growth and development of a child's teeth stays on track.

    How Pediatric Invisalign Works

    In contrast to the lone set of wires and brackets that come with braces, pediatric Invisalign breaks into several pairs of aligners, with the patient wearing each pair for about two weeks at a time. To produce the aligners, our pediatric dentist will take full digital scans of the child's dentition to map out the teeth's gradual movement to their proper position. We will then use this to fashion the set of aligners to conform to the different checkpoints on that path.

    Each pair of aligners in the set induce a small level of pressure on the teeth, making them move along the jaw until they reach the next checkpoint. The movement is only a few millimeters before the aligners are replaced with the next ones in the set. By the time the patient gets to the last pair in the aligner set, they will have their dentition in proper alignment.

    The total number of aligners required to achieve correctly aligned teeth depends on the patient and the condition of their teeth. The dentist will be able to make an accurate estimate during the consultation appointment. If the child has previously undergone orthodontic treatment, the number of aligners required for the treatment will be lesser than those who have not had treatment.

    The Difference with Pediatric Invisalign

    Invisalign for children has all the advantages of regular Invisalign but includes specific modifications to match the child's lifestyle. Each aligner set is fitted with a Blue Dot Compliance Indicator, which shows if the teen has worn the aligners long enough or has deviated, allowing patients and the pediatric dentist to monitor the progress of the treatment.

    Also, the aligner set comes with six complimentary replacement aligners in the event of breakage or loss. This means parents can rest assured, knowing the teenager will be able to stick to the treatment plan, despite their active lifestyle.

    Benefits of Pediatric Invisalign

    The advantages of choosing Pediatric Invisalign include:

    Nearly invisible treatment

    Children can complete the teeth straightening without worrying about their appearance during prom or in school pictures since the Invisalign aligners blend in seamlessly.

    No dietary limitation

    Since the aligners are removable, children can take them off to eat whatever food they want.

    Easy dental hygiene

    Children can take off the aligners to brush and floss and usual. They can also clean the aligners easy to keep their teeth looking clean and health – away with the meticulous cleaning process that comes with metal braces.

    More effective treatment

    If the child stays consistent by wearing the aligners day and night, except when eating, they may even get faster or better results than their parents. With compliance, the result for kids can be similar, if not better, than teens or adults.

    Compliance indicators

    The easy-to-see blue dot indicator ensures that the child wears the aligners as recommended.

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    If your child needs teeth straightening treatment, you should consider scheduling an appointment with the pediatric dentist. If your child can follow instructions and be trusted to wear the aligner trays throughout the day and store them safely, then pediatric Invisalign is an option to consider.

    The dentist will answer any question that you might have about Invisalign and check if your child will be an ideal candidate for the procedure. Call us at 828-417-3828 to schedule an appointment at Dennis R. Campbell, DDS today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How early can a child get Invisalign?

    Before now, children would need to lose their baby teeth before starting Invisalign. Now, there is an Invisalign treatment option to meet the needs of younger children. This system is specially created to target arch expansion. With this option, patients can begin their treatment as early as seven years old, while they still have some of their baby teeth.

    Will I have to adjust my child's diet choices?

    There are many diet restrictions for regular braces. However, with pediatric Invisalign, there is no need to change what the child eats. They can eat whatever they want after removing the aligners and cleaning their teeth before placing the aligners back in the mouth.

    Is there any special maintenance requirement?

    When the child starts treatment, they can floss and brush their teeth like before—no need to buy special floss threaders or angled toothbrushes. The Invisalign treatment comes with the aligners and carrying case. The system contains everything the child needs throughout the treatment.

    What happens if the child loses their current aligner set?

    Anyone can misplace items. The child can lose their aligners during lunch in school after taking them off to eat. If the child loses the aligner, parents need to inform the dentist so they can provide a replacement. If the next set is almost due, the child can continue with treatment.

    How long will my child have to wear the aligners?

    For effectiveness, the child needs to wear the aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours daily and adhere to the treatment plan. The blue indicators on the aligners react to saliva and fade over time. If the aligners are worn regularly, the indicator will have faded completely after two weeks, and the child can move to the next set.

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