Patient Information

By gathering information on the patient’s medical history and current condition, we can customize the treatment plan.

With a customized treatment plan and dental checkup schedule, we can help child patients receive the dental care they need. We can help to measure when the child needs certain treatments, while also providing regular checkups at least twice a year. With our help, children can continue to maintain healthy teeth and a healthy smile.

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    New Patients

    It is easy to make an appointment for your initial examination and dental treatments. Call 828-417-3828 to speak with a staff member.

    We would be happy to discuss fees and insurance with parents prior to the first visit in our office. Our receptionists will discuss this with you, and answer any questions you may have prior to making your first appointment: 828-417-3828

    Your insurance may cover a portion of our services. We accept all major credit cards as well as Care Credit, link below.

    Payment Methods – Check or Cash Accepted

    Welcome to
    Dennis R. Campbell, DDS

    Our mission is to deliver the best possible dental care for infants, children, teens and kids with special healthcare needs.

    Our pediatric dental office has the latest state-of-the-art equipment to make sure your child has access to everything he or she needs at their visits. We have built our office with children in mind- offering a fun, comfortable environment which helps ensure a fun and easy visit.

    We pride ourselves in practicing ethically and honestly, always taking the time to explain our findings. We always consider all appropriate treatment options and try to present the most conservative plans, when possible. It is important for us to be helpful to our patients and answer any questions you might have regarding your child’s dental care.

    Starting early with prevention and good habits will help build a life-long smile and relationship with your pediatric dentist. Thank you for trusting us with one of the most joyful gifts a child has to offer, their smile!


    Our first visit is easier than you think.

    Getting to know Dr. Campbell and his team will be a fun and enjoyable experience for you, your child, and us. We will review your child’s history, and make sure you are comfortable with our procedures and staff. Below are several questions that you may have before your first visit.

    What should I bring to my first visit?

    On your first visit to our office, please bring your insurance card and our Welcome Packet already completed. Your insurance determines your deductible. Any amount not covered by your insurance will be due that day.

    Do you accept insurance?

    We participate in most insurance plans and will file insurance for you. You are responsible for any money that your carrier doesn't cover.

    We always try to let you know the amount of your co-pay ahead of time.

    What can I expect to pay for my child’s visit?

    We would be happy to discuss fees and insurance with parents prior to the first visit in our office. Our receptionists will discuss this with you, and answer any questions you may have prior to making your first appointment.

    Your insurance may cover a portion of our services. We accept all major credit cards as well as Care Credit.

    My child has special healthcare needs. Can you help us?

    The extra years of training that pediatric dentists complete includes training in the care of children and adults with special needs. In addition, pediatric dental offices are designed to be accessible for special needs patients.

    We have several children and scheduling is important to us. Do you run on time, and will you see all my children at once?

    Seeing several children in one family at the same time is never a problem for our staff. We know that our parents have busy schedules, and we do our best to stay on schedule at all times.

    Making an Appointment

    Appointments are considered confirmed once they are made. Our automatic system will call to remind you of your child’s appointment 24 hours in advance. We will also provide an email reminder 48 hours in advance. We do require a 24 hours notice for cancellations.

    We are aware of school policies that make it more difficult for children to be out of school for any reason. We will be happy to provide you with a school excuse note.

    All restorative (fillings, extractions, etc.) procedures are scheduled from 8-3 and sometimes the younger children may be asked to come in the morning hours as they are better prepared and do better in the morning for these types of procdures.

    We strive to see all patients on time for their scheduled appointment. We make every effort to stay on schedule. Please remember, we run on children's time, not adult time. Additionally, there are times when our schedule is delayed in order to accommodate an emergency visit. Please accept our apology in advance should this occur during your appointment. We will provide you the same courtesy if your child is in need of emergency treatment.

    A parent or legal guardian (with official documentation) must be present in the office during appointment times.

    What to Expect

    Walk into our lobby where you will be greeted by our friendly staff. We will provide you with new patient paperwork that includes a health questionnaire, request for your insurance information and contact information. We will also provide you with information to familiarize you with our office and how we handle things like patient privacy.

    Initial Examination

    Your initial dental exam will take around one hour. The experienced staff at Dennis R. Campbell, DDS will ask you questions, get to know your oral hygiene routine, and listen to your health concerns. We believe in educating patients and empowering them to make good choices to improve their oral health. We will demonstrate how to properly care for your teeth and make additional suggestions as needed. Our dental hygienist will clean your teeth then Dr. Campbell will complete your examination and make recommendations for proposed dental treatments.

    Pain Concerns

    We work to ensure our patients feel comfortable, and that includes minimizing their pain as much as possible. If you are undergoing a dental procedure, Dr. Campbell will meet with you to discuss your pain tolerance and create a plan for pain management. Working together, we will treat your dental health problems in a way that minimizes pain and enables you to get back to your life faster.

    Dental Insurance

    We accept a variety of insurance providers and endeavor to accommodate our patients' request. Please call our office at 828-417-3828 to see if we are currently working with your insurance provider.

    Our pricing structure is designed to ensure that patients are able to receive the high quality dental care they deserve. If your dental insurance will not cover all of your dental treatments, we will work with you to identify a payment solution. We are health care professionals first and will work with you to make sure you receive the treatment you need.

    Financial Policy

    We accept most major insurance plans and as a courtesy, we will submit your insurance claim for you. The portion that is not covered by the insurance company is your responsibility and due at the time of service.

    It is beneficial for you to know and understand what your insurance benefits are, including deductibles and co-pays. Regrettably, we do not dictate insurance policies and can only work with them.

    We accept cash, check, Visa, and Mastercard and CareCredit as payment.